paul vickery photographer—image 1

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I made paul vickery’s acquaintance at the london tattoo convention. THe mutual ownership of a Yashica T5 camera made it easy to start a conversation. He later sent me a CD full of the beautiful images he and his T5 had been producing. Here is the first one.
Thanx Paul.

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10 comments on “paul vickery photographer—image 1

  1. robin says:

    Very nice shot! There’s a lot going on here, this image has a real sense of the “fallen angel”. Would love to see the others.

  2. stacey says:

    Wow! I especially like the way the hands have been captured here,fab shot.

  3. Krisztina says:

    Dear Paul,

    this is really stunning. Keep it up and let me know when I can take a look to your New York images. I would even travel to London for that :-)



  4. leon says:

    This has to be my favourite… each element of the image captures interesting detail, from his hands, to his T-shirt and even the slight difference in his eyes. I particularly like the trace on the hands.
    Look closely and you’d be able make out the light wing on the left side and the dark wing on the right… Great picture!

    your right about the Yashica… it makes me want one

  5. Liz Harvey says:

    This is a strong image because of its symmetry within the apparent chaos. Fantastic in the way you have caught the subject’s eyes. Love it!

  6. Dan O'Donnell says:

    Am loving this, as a lapsed London Irish catholic I see a Celtic cross made of faces and palms and this Lost Soul is my messiah! Good to see the nail holes made by those nasty Italians seemed to have healed up nicely. Seriously though, I love this organised chaotic force.

  7. Leena Parekh says:

    An outer world shot by a world class photographer, this is another favourite, very trippy!

  8. julia toucan says:

    very interesting-I think this is my favorite one, it sort of leaves me with the impression of henna’d tat’s on asian females but in reverse… Julia

  9. Thomas says:

    Great shot Paul – the starkness of the black and white and the trail effect gives the image an almost ‘mystic’ feel.