paul vickery—2: Xed LeHead

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xed lehad shot by Paul Vickery at the london tattoo convention.

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9 comments on “paul vickery—2: Xed LeHead

  1. debbie gaynor says:

    Not into tatoos but what a STRIKING PHOTOGRAPGH… well done Mr Vickery!

  2. Krisztina says:

    Dear Paul,

    although you told me that image 1 is better, I think there is some strange connection is happening in this one too. His eyes tell a lot. You really have a talent to capture the inner side of people.

    Big kisses


  3. Liz Harvey says:

    Good portrait. There has been something captured here beyond the predictable.

  4. Jo says:

    Great image – love his eyes

  5. Dan O'Donnell says:

    Strong, clean, noble… nice one (I like the hand a la Holbein Henry VIII)

  6. Denise Winchester says:

    This photograph is compelling. Hard to look away. Paul Vickery is a very talented photographer!

  7. Eric Fennell says:

    Hey Paul.
    Your photographs are timeless and will still stop people in their tracks a century from now.
    Great work!
    Eric from New York.

  8. Lénaïg Periot says:

    This is what I call talent…

  9. sarah kleinschmidt says:

    wow this man is beautiful ! Iove your work and I adore xed!!!