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Eloise has been taking tattoo portraits since 2000. Her growing collection of portraits shows an amazing diversity, while being consistent by the quality of the photography and the beauty of the pieces she decides to show. The “tour de force” being to show tattoos not only as designs, but as a “wearable art”, without giving in to the temptation of relativism. Here is a selection of images out of “deep skin”. More can be found on ELOISE de HAUTECLOCQUE’s website.

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3 comments on “Deep Skin by ELOISE de HAUTECLOCQUE

  1. Great tats and wonderful photos!
    So artful and in b/w all the better!


  2. Aaron says:

    Beautiful! There’s a great connection going on between photographer and subject. A lot of trust and sensitivity.

  3. Masha Deprez says:

    The tenth image is hauntingly beautiful. I’m dying to know what it says