Kiss Mommy Goodnight! – Interview with Lydia Lunch

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I am a long-time (life-time?) fan of Lydia Lunch’s work, it is like a powerful shot of inspiration, strength and confidence.
In every form of expression she uses – music, spoken word, film, photography, writing, etc.– all is pure honesty and passion.

So having her performing in Geneva (with Philippe Petit at electron festival) was a wonderful opportunity to finally meet her in person.

It’s the boys of doing their interview, i was just filming.
(Sorry about the abrupt beginning of the video, the question was basically- is she feminist..)


An icon, a mirror, a witch, a sex symbol, a killer, a voice for all the loners, a poet of marginality… however you eventually manage to define Lydia Lunch, she already escaped somewhere else (and Sang Bleu can only relate to this very well).

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  1. florence says:

    deep, merci