Céline Duval & Mathieu Renard

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I was introduced to Mathieu Renard through Céline Duval (whose work I sincerely salute), and I suspect him of having made this series of images as he vividly recalled a couple of strange dreams he’d had before awakening. Thank god there is always a time when without warning a startling memory flashes thru one’s mind.
Enjoy those!

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2 comments on “Céline Duval & Mathieu Renard

  1. Mathieu Renard says:


    I’m Mathieu Renard (Mathieu with only one T please). I don’t understand what you mean by “made this series of images by mistake” ? Maybe you could explain me?
    thank you

  2. Maxime Buechi says:

    the misspelling in your name was corrected
    i will forward to JS…