a beautiful picture. One of many

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photographed by Swiss/Parisian photographer Philipp Mueller, to be featured in Sang Bleu 5 coming out in January 2010…


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3 comments on “a beautiful picture. One of many

  1. florence says:

    heyyyy c’est la même fille que j’avais photographiée déjà et postée ici http://sangbleu.com/2009/03/13/anne-und-sandra/

  2. Maxime Buechi says:

    lo so!

  3. Rafi Kirder says:

    yeah cool, Sandra Jahn!
    funny I found her here, in fact she told me about “sang bleu”, and that she’ll be in the next issue, I didnt know / havent heard anything about a swiss tattoo mag yet, oh well….