Dash snow is dead

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Dash Snow is dead
Dash Snow is dead
full stop

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5 comments on “Dash snow is dead

  1. nick says:

    i saw the vice twitter post, is this for real? im shocked

  2. Jeanne-Salome Rochat says:

    apparently yes… “said to be” !
    however I just saw that the fact is not officially confirmed yet…


  3. René says:


  4. Sri says:

    Very sad. Depressing in every way right down to the baby left fatherless. There are things money can’t fix. Dash Snow sported an annoying hipper-than-thou art-world persona, but his artistic talent was undeniable.Unfortunately, he was not only a brilliant artist but a drug addict as well. My condolences to his family, friends and Secret. No hope in dope.
    If anyone is interested I started collecting all the information or sites related to Dash Snow. check out the below link to know all about Dash Snow (around 200 sites)

  5. bah says:

    oh my god!!! a fake artist is dead, we don’t give a fuck, what will should shot richardson for the next false provocant dior compain???