In your opinion, what makes a beautiful photograph?

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A question I was trying to answer an hour or 2 ago.

That’s a tough one.

I looked at 100s of pictures that mean something beyond the ordinary to me but I couldn’t find the answer. Not in a sentence or 3. So I skipped it and attached this so my interrogator could decide for me.

This is a most beautiful photograph.


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3 comments on “In your opinion, what makes a beautiful photograph?

  1. tam says:

    He’s got the apparent power but, by the way she looks at him, it is clear that she’s got the intrinsic power, she is not afraid, she can’t be harmed. Maybe this particular dynamic makes this image strong and beautiful… or maybe not!

    For me an image is beautiful when it tells something that can be said with words, it’s about emotion, memory, feelings, sensation and everything else…

  2. Maria says:

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” they say
    So I guess we can’t even write 1000 words here :)