DEMON IN THE DETAILS: John Giorno and Moyra Davey

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(for William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin and some others)

Once upon a time,
these friends loved each other very much,
and they made a vow to stay together until they all attained Enlightenment,
and lifetime after lifetime,
and endless re-births,
and doing practice,
they all realized the absolute empty true nature of mind.

They were so happy and overjoyed,
they started dancing,
and dancing,
and danced and danced,
they were so happy,
in the shocked recognition of emptiness and compassion,
they kept on dancing,
dancing and dancing,
and they danced away all their flesh and skin,
until there was nothing left but their bones,
and they kept dancing in their bones,
dancing skeltons dancing skeltons.

Smooth skulls and speeding fingers,
smiling teeth and wide eyed holes,
sliding phymas and cracking shins,
spinning and sparkling spinal chords,
shouting ribs and singing jaws,
sqwirming pelvises,
shivering bones and shaking bones,
I want to jump into your heart,
I’m gonna come in your heart from here.

When it gets too hot for comfort and you can’t get ice cream cones,
taint no sin,
to take off your skin and dance around in your bones,
taint no sin,
to take off your skin and dance around in your bones.

You generated enough compassion to fill the world,
and now,
all of you,
resting in great equanimity,
have accomplished great clarity and great bliss,
and the vast empty expanse of Primordially pure Wisdom Mind.

But our friends were not totally,
not completely Englightened beings,
and sometimes a hundred thousand years in one of the fabulous god worlds or highest heavens,
is one year here or a couple of years here in ours,
so much for that.

at this very moment,
their consciousnesses are terrorized,
the bells of hell,
the bells of hell,
the bells of hell,
they have cut off your head,
and are shitting down your throat,
the worst is at this moment happening,
the very worst,
is happening now,
life goes on.

John Giorno, Demon in the details.

Moyra Davey, 32 Photographs from Paris (detail, 2009)

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