Miami c’est fini

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last images of Miami.


Our dear, old friend Nicolas Party (incidentally, brother of Ian Party) is represented by The Modern Institute, in Glasgow. It is always so nice to see someone you grew up with and shared so many ideas with make it “this high” in the artistic food-chain. We are very proud of him. And obviously, big fans of his art!

“Complementary Colors Face-to-Face”, by Richard Jackson



Ushio Shinohara
Boxing Painting
oil on canvas
143 x 87 cm (56 x 34 inches)


Efithis Patsourakis
Horizon #4
Found oil paintings of amateur painters on canvas, 4 pieces
307 x 71 cm
Eleni Koroneou Gallery

Wolfgang Tillmans

Alexandra Bircken

(photography my myself :P )

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4 comments on “Miami c’est fini

  1. Curtis says:

    But Max, I thought photography wasn’t art?

  2. Maxime Buchi says:

    and what makes you think it is? is it because something is in an art fair that it’s art? ;)

  3. Curtis says:

    Well, no, but you did feature quite a bit of photography in this post about an art fair. Very telling!

    Would you really say that Viviane Sassen, Wolfgang Tillmas, et al., are not artists? What is art anymore anyway? ;)

  4. Maxime Buchi says:

    it is not because it’s not art that I don’t like it! ;)