Sang Bleu mixtapes

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Introducing SANG BLEU TAPES a new musical project created by Sang Bleu, follow to follow our latest mixes.



1. mia x-hoodlum poetry
2. flesh-n-bone-crazy by the flesh
3. young jeezy-still on it
4. paul wall-break em off
5. skull duggrey-welcome to my hood
6. kane & abel-black jesus
7. z-ro-don’t worry about me

microtape G. “cassettes” by MXM 

1. al kapone-vampin with no remorse 
2. d. edwards-teenage tapes 
3. kingpin skinny pimp-long story 
4. suicide-keep your dreams 
5. three 6 mafia feat camron-sippin on syrup pt2 
6. martin dupont-top of the pyramid 
7. gangsta pat-you can’t get none


1. DrAG-acid trip 2 
2.gangsta boo & la chat-like a bitch 
3. spooky black-we were together once 
4. gucci mane & rothko-what the hell 
5. blue sky black death-one deep 
6. twista & the speedknot mobstaz-legit baller 
7. coil-the dreamer is still asleep 
8. clams casino-swervin 
9. bone thugs & harmony down foe my thang

microtape E. by MXM “” 

1. death in june-break the black ice instrumental 
2. d. edwards-teenage tapes 
3. michel dupont-welcome to the dissidents 
4. triple six mafia-funky town 
5. compton’s most wanted-driveby miss daisy instrumental

microtape C. by MXM “silver thangs” 

1. mayhem-silvester anfang 
2. nick cave & warren ellis-song for jesse 
3. burzum-rundgang um die transzendentale saule der singularitat 
4. ester brinkmann-maschine 
5. lou reed & john cale-open house 
6. valgeir sigurdsson-lungs, for merille

microtape B by MXM “vvv”

1. burzum-call of the siren 
1. public enemy-countdown to armageddon 
3. koopsta nicca-crucifix 
4. steve reich-electric guitar phase 
5. gucci mane-what the hell 
6. spooky black-introduction

microtape A by MXM “la cienaga” 

1. above the law-encore 
1. ice cube-steady mobbin 
2. mc eiht feat cmw-can I still kill it 
3. passion-show luv dem gangstas 
4. wildliffe society-get tis money 
5. mc eiht feat cmw-hard times 
6.2 $hort-it’s your life

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