the last of the nuba

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(editor note) Today would have marked the birthday of the late Leni Riefenstahl, so to celebrate her stunning work we’ve republished these beautiful and vibrant scans from her book The Last of the Nuba.

A body of work can turn out to be a milestone in an artist’s career. Somehow it might seal this artist’s fate as well as the perception you can have from him / her.

Sometimes it ends tragically as for Pasolini who has probably been assassinated in the aftermath of Salò. At some other time, an inflatable rabbit can transform a trader into one of the most successful contemporary artists. More rarely, it can also be a redemption as with Leni Riefenstahl’s The Last of the Nuba. Published in 1973, this book is documenting the 15 years she spent in Sudan and rehabilitated her artist status.

Many thanks to Lyne Friederich who scanned these images.

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3 comments on “the last of the nuba

  1. emanster provolone says:

    The Nuba are soo beautiful and pure. Their bodies, their body art, the jewelry, the hair.

    Please post more Nuba galleries if you know of any! I am fascinated.

  2. chrisrian rosenkrantz says:

    wonderfull pictures. thank you

  3. Dave Douma says:

    Emanster Provolone typed down my exact thoughts! The Nuba tribe defines pure beauty :)