Announcing Primitive’s new weekly shop at Sang Bleu London with Riyo Nemeth and Andrew Grune’s film Morph

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Sang Bleu are happy to announce that Primitive a network of artists, designers and musicians based in London will be presenting a selection of their stock to be bought every Saturday from the 20th of September in Sang Bleu London.

To celebrate this Primitive owner Andrew Grune and artist Riyo Nemeth have created this video named Morph using a selection of their current stock which will be available to purchase in Sang Bleu London. The film is loosely based on the concept of transhumanism and the idea that in the future we will perhaps be able to manipulate our bodies and reality.

Designers presented by Primitive include Cottweiler, Nasir Mazhar, Liam Hodges, Sang Bleu VTM, Bracken, Ava Catherside, Ambush, Louise Alsop, Roxanne Farahmand, BANZAI and Primitive will be realising their own line and collaboration as the project evolves.

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