Kingsley Ifill, Liam Sparkes, and Danny Fox show their work at Faux Pas, Moscow

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To celebrate this exciting new exhibition of Sang Bleu friends, Danny Fox, Liam Sparkes and Kinglsey Ifill in Moscow, I thought I’d share with you all a book Kingsley made and then sent to me in the post the other month called ‘Paradise of Neurosis’. He made the book himself and his curation of his brutal yet  emotional prints is really quite beautiful. You can see more of his underrated work here.

The raw and intoxicated nature of Sparkes illustrations, Fox’s paintings and Ifill’s photographs will be in its expected abundance, following on from their show BRUTALES MATANZAS in Paris earlier this year.

More information about the show can be found here it had its opening party tonight

Also you can read an interview where we spoke to Danny about his favourite paintings earlier this year on Sang Bleu here






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