Until the 10th of October, an exhibition named Party Out Of Bounds : Nightlife as Activism since 1980 will be on show at New York’s La Mama Gallery  for Visual AIDS. While in New York last week I met with the two curators behind the impressive show; Emily Colucci and Osman Can Yerebakan to discuss this progressive idea for an exhibition. With work from a wide variety of important artists, photographers, film makers and thinkers, the exhibition explores how social activity works as a way of subverting mainstream thought and as a way to react and feel in context to the AIDS crisis.


So where did the idea of the exhibition come from?

Emily: Basically nightlife has always been inspiration for me, particularly in the 80s when artists like Ethel Eichelberger and Klaus Nomi were performing and I was really interested in how they subverted ideas of gender and sexuality. So I started a blog called Filthy Dreams that’s based on a bar that I’d always fantasized about opening with my friend and co-founder of the blog, Maddie. It was supposed to be this sleazy, confetti filled nightclub. We lowered our expectations and started a blog instead and we would talk about these performers who aren’t necessarily much represented in mainstream art criticism.

I met Osman in July 2013 at a Ron Athey’s automatic writing workshop and we started talking about our mutual love for David Wojnarowicz. Osman started writing for Filthy Dreams because he was looking for a place to write and was too lazy to start his own blog.

Osman: I wrote a paper on David and then I wrote my thesis on Pain and Performance Art, body politics and gender. I continued writing for Filthy Dreams and Emily [...]

Interview with Maika

Maika works at Tatouage Royal click link to see the shop in Montreal and I speak to her about her inspirations and style.


Your Geometric ‘Geeky’ style is a world away from traditional tattoo style, I wonder how you came to tattoo as an outlet for your work?

This is such a good question, because it’s never a one clear and simple way that you come to do the work that you do, I think it is also true for any kind of art, it’s a process of many trial and error, although in our line of work using the word “error” is almost taboo.

I always knew clearly I wanted to do something different whether it be in my life or in my work, I didn’t always knew what, but I knew I wanted to find my particular path as a human being and as an artist, the two being closely related. I wanted to find the path that was my own. I believe each of us has its own particular highest potential to reach; the artwork of a lifetime and to tap into your highest potential you need to experience life in as many forms as possible; art, people, travel, and anything in between those that contribute to experiencing your own self as a new-renewed person, I think it is the same in art,  to experience different kind of art and meet different kind of artists allows you to identify where you belong, and with who or what you connect the most. When you find those, you hold on to them, then it’s like pilling together all the things that makes you “you” and mix them together and it inevitably comes out through your work, or being, in the case of my [...]

Sang Bleu X Le Mondial Du Tatouage 2015

In March the Grande Halle Da Villette, Paris was home to Le Mondial Tatouage. Sang Bleu X Le Mondial Du Tatouage is a 12 month photographic series, we collaborated with photographers such as Maxime Ballesteros and Amaury Choay to document the event, people and tattooist of the convention.

On this occasion we bring you a series of portraits and behind the scenes shots of some of the convention tattooists in action.

Photographer: Amaury Choay


The Body suit scrolls exhibition at Seven Doors tattoo

Such a Great show on Monday night at Seven Doors tattoo, with Ichibay painting live and a large selection of custom body suits designed for the exhibition by Tomas Tomas, Alex Binnie, Duncan X, Rafel Dalalande, Jondix, Deno, Claudia De Sabe x Yutaro, Matthew Houston, Teide and Dan Trotchio.

Really beautiful show, using traditional Japanese idea of body suits, executed by artists of all styles, including some incredible collaborations, go have a look Seven Doors Tattoo, 55 Fashion Street, London, England E1 6px.

Seven Doors Tattoo

‘Drawing in Silver and Gold’ an exhibition at the British Museum


Metal point is a technique of drawing with a metal stylus on a prepared surface its origins are associated with the decoration of medieval illuminated manuscripts. By the 1930s, it was used in painters workshops in northern Europe and Italy. Generations of renaissance artists were trained to draw with metal point, its use petered out in the late seventeenth century, but a renewed interest in great artists of the past, such as Albrecht Dürer, someone we at Sang bleu take reference from and Leonardo Di Vinci, stimulated a revival of metal point in the nineteenth century. The challenge of drawing in metal point continues to attract artists today.

In the renaissance period the preparation for metal point was made by grinding up burnt animal bones and adding the powder to a watery glue, made of animal skin, this mixture then brushed onto paper parchment or even wooden panels to allow surface to be marked by metal point stylus.

The exhibition at the British museum started September 10th and runs until December 6th, a great range of large scale to sketchbook work to look at and a beautiful hard back book of the acquired collection for sale made specially for the exhibition.








British museum online archive collection

Interview with Brücius





Brücius is with us here at Sang Bleu right now, his incredible talent for light strokes and beautiful draftsmanship has helped him create a huge following and we are incredibly honoured to have him guest with us these past few days. I had a conversation with him yesterday and here is what he had to say about making it and using all your experiences to help create a life you want to live.

So you’re from San Francisco?

No I was born in New York state but I live in San Francisco now

New York, thats cool.. 

Yeah there’s a lot of trees in New York state, maybe thats why i’m so connected to nature, also because we moved to LA and that’s certainly not full of trees, where I was born was practically forestry.

So you moved to LA with your family?

Correct and from LA I moved to SF and from there I moved to Seattle and went back to school and then moved back to LA to become a CG artist

Oh really?

Yeah so I studied architecture and went back to fine arts and switched my major, I thought maybe i’d be an illustrator, so it was little tricky, like special effects- like what major does that fall under? The school I went to was pretty good, the school of art and design in Pasadena, it was hardcore, I got some good training and created a good portfolio and then I was an artist assistant in Los Angeles for maybe a year doing fine art graphite drawings, I was doing ten feet tall portraits, I didn’t really like the job too much because I was making like three percent of the sale price, I mean thats how it goes, so I told Idexa [...]

Favourite Books and Zines of the NY Art Book Fair

Last weekend Printed Matter hosted the 9th annual New York Art Book Fair at MoMAPS1 in Long Island. Sang Bleu’s collaboration with Wet Satin Press, The Fetish Series, was exhibited alongside thousands of publications from 350 booksellers, publishers and artists.

With something to suit all tastes and humours, the scope of publications for sale ranged from subculture to sex to sci-fi to architecture and girl with guns on tinder. In our digital age, one of dot coms and collectivised tastes on tumblr, the popularity and variety of the exhibited works is a testament to the physicalised form of printed matter; ‘print is dead’ is a futile utterance here.

We purveyed the hundreds of stalls, books and zines and from Iggy Pop to Wormy,  have collected together our favourites of the fair.


Finger, Vasta Images and Books

Vasta Images and Books specialise in sexpapers and 70s newsstand smut. ‘Finger’ was a periodical near wholly created from reader submissions. Featuring absurd photography like a dog licking a woman’s breast and erotic fiction of questionable desire, Finger is a collated chronicle of perverted pornographic oddities.



Bitch Magnets, Kilroy Savage, Paperwork NYC

A zine featuring a collection of photographs found in a thrift store that documents the backstage happenings of the seediest of American strip clubs. These images of women, guns, hustlers and cocks against barren and out of place backgrounds (purple carpet and Winnie the Pooh) are unknown, raw and grotesque.



Walk This Way, Sophie Bramly

A publication of Sophie Bramly’s unseen photographs of the beginnings of Hip-Hop in the Bronx featuring a foreword by famed New York artist and hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy. The photographs chronicle the roots of a now universal and pioneering scene, though [...]